As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a nurse. This was complete with dress up and role-playing. My brother could speak to the bribery that got him to be “my patient” one more time.  While at a young age I likely didn’t understand what working for a purpose was, I knew I just wanted care for others. Through the years, my goal has not changed.  Still, to this day, I can’t imagine being anything but a nurse. My career has taken me on a journey through a varied of roles each still with the purpose to make an impact in the lives of others.

As a previous conference attendee or part of a corporate membership for Home Care Association of Florida (HCAF), I have seen the benefits this organization makes. Their mission is to give exposure to home health care that leads to advancement that enhances and enables home care providers in patient (relationship) centric care while maintaining financial viability.

The passion that drove me to become a nurse has brought me to this opportunity of joining the Board of Directors of HCAF.  Service on Board of Directors for HCAF Region 4: can provide collaboration, forecast, invaluable development skills that can enhance influence to increase the impact of those we guide or care for. We have an amazing team that surrounds us. In our varied experiences and knowledge, we can pay forward and be better together. To put it simply, I expect to learn from the influential group.

by Marsha Moor